A message
from our Chairman

It gives me great pleasure to witness the formal birth of the ILMU Education Group, Malaysia’s leading integrated private education group spanning primary, secondary (K-12) and tertiary education.

Here at ILMU Education Group, we strive to build a secure foundation in education to allow our students to gain the best learning experience possible. The race for quality education has never been so competitive, with the world’s ever-growing demand to nurture the bright minds of our young generation.

In line with the Malaysian government’s mission to facilitate the transformation of the national education system, Education remains a core sector for Ekuiti Nasional Berhad (Ekuinas), and we have made a considerable investment to put together under the ILMU Education Group a network of strong and quality education brands.

Established as a leading Malaysian education group, we plan to aggressively expand the ILMU Education Group into other market segments and into regional markets. We hope in time to build a lasting market-leading, regional education group that provides its students with the environment to not only thrive but also the opportunity to positively change their lives and those of their communities.

Dato’ Abdul Rahman Ahmad
Chairman, ILMU Education Group

A message
from our Group CEO

Welcome to ILMU Education Group, where we believe in learning for the real world.

Learning is a lifelong process that encompasses much more than just gaining academic and vocational knowledge. It also means having the ability to apply one’s knowledge to make the best of every experience in the real world.

We believe students who thrive are the ones who are equipped with the right skill set and are able to think for themselves. Being able to do this enables our students to have a positive impact not only on themselves but also on their families and society.

Our goal is to provide the foundation for lifelong learning in each of our students. We do this by teaching our students how to think, how to communicate, and more importantly, how to learn.

We believe that more effective learning happens beyond the classroom, when our students together with their teachers create practical solutions for real world opportunities. We strive to provide the right conditions consistently for these great learning experiences to happen.

Here at ILMU, we provide end-to-end learning for students from every walk of life. We are well-positioned to deliver on this promise through our seven primary, secondary (K-12) and tertiary education institutions in Malaysia and Sri Lanka. With 35,000 students in our network, studying in 21 urban and regional campuses, we are well on our way to increasing the number of employable and entrepreneurial minds.

When our students succeed, so do we, and so too do the communities they become a part of.

I invite you to learn more about ILMU Education Group, where learning for the real world happens.

Amil Izham Hamzah
Group Chief Executive Officer
ILMU Education Group

Who is ILMU?

ILMU Education Group Berhad (ILMU) is one of the leading integrated education groups in Malaysia, with a diversified portfolio of institutions serving all segments: primary, secondary (K-12) and tertiary markets.

Member institutions include:


  • Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU)
  • Kuala Lumpur Metropolitan University College (KLMUC)
  • Cosmopoint College
  • APIIT Sri Lanka


  • Asia Pacific Schools (APS)
  • Tenby Schools

We provide multi-faceted learning through our network of institutions, bringing together theory and practice to prepare students. We aim to create well-rounded learners at the K-12 level and highly-employable talent at the tertiary level.

Read on to find out more about our institutions and how they prepare learners for the real world.

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