Asia Pacific Schools (APS)

  • Asia Pacific Smart School (APSS)
  • Asia Pacific International School (APIS)

Nurturing global minds

APS provides an all-round education, with the aim of producing students who are able to utilise the knowledge they gain for the benefit of themselves, their family and the society they live in.

To achieve its aim, APS places great emphasis on building the foundation of lifelong learning in its students. It nurtures the students’ curiosity by pushing students to inquire and challenge their thinking. It encourages creativity to help develop new ideas and apply them in coming up with valuable solutions. APS builds the ability of its students to collaborate constructively with their peers and in real life, beyond school.

APS recognises and adopts a balanced approach to the various disciplines within the curriculum. The School teaches mathematics, science, humanities, the arts and physical education. This approach helps cultivate inter-disciplinary activities – a true reflection of the real world that awaits the students – and together with the disciplines’ mixture of theory and practice, help shape the students into well-rounded individuals.

APS understands and places great value in extra-curricular activities to shape the overall character of its students. Students are encouraged to participate in different types of extra-curricular activities, including concerts, theatre, field trips, social & sports clubs, societies and inter-school events.

APS also offers the Malaysian National School and Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) curriculums. It is located in a 7-acre, modern school complex with up-to-date learning, teaching and sporting facilities and student amenities.


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