Tenby Schools

A united world at peace – through education

Established in 1960 with its first international school in Ipoh, today Tenby is the largest private K-12 education institution in Malaysia. With five existing campuses in the Klang Valley, Ipoh, Penang, Johor Bahru and Miri, and two new schools expected to commence operations in the near future, it provides access to private school education to students nationwide.

Tenby aims to educate children who will grow up to become respectful, mindful and intelligent individuals. It helps prepare its students in the pursuit of their post-secondary school goals and in building the foundation for their life-long ambitions.

Tenby offers the Malaysian National School curriculum for students on the national educational track. For those who opt for the international track, the International Primary Curriculum forms the core provision in the primary school. At the secondary level, students follow the National Curriculum for England which leads to the internationally recognised Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) certification. Tenby also offers A-Level programmes.

Students have a wide range of natural aptitudes – each student is different from the other. Whilst it understands and supports the need for common learning for all students, Tenby strives to allow a degree of flexibility within the curriculum to cater for the wide range of aptitudes amongst its students. It encourages its students to pursue their interests and helps nurture those interests. Tenby believes that this approach facilitates students’ ability to excel in their life’s pursuits.

Acquisition of knowledge happens not only in classes but also beyond. Tenby encourages its teachers and students to explore learning in different
environments. It supports such efforts that often result in effective teaching and learning for both teachers and students.

Tenby is dedicated to bringing together students of different ethnicities, cultures and nationalities in the pursuit of learning. Its diversity helps cultivate the ability of its students to empathise with one another as well as develop the ability to collaborate with their peers. Such interaction also facilitates positive engagement with society-at-large and in the process, helps students become better citizens.

Website: www.tenby.edu.my

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